Tuesday, January 25, 2011

haiku retrospective xvi

the third of july,
three young men, the grim reaper.
drinking, driving, death.

a party joy-ride.
car slams into china grade tree.
the music stops.

boulder creek parade.
girls hugging on the sidewalk,
tears on their faces.

parade floats stream by.
red, white, and blue flags flutter.
guerneys in the morgue.

children splash in pools.
teenage driver up on counts,
seven felonies.

paramedic's son --
"class of 97 rules" --
a best friend's funeral.

walk across platform.
wear graduate's cap and gown.
one final mistake.

life in death in life
rose climbs decaying trellis.
snip of pruning shears.

6 July 1997

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