Thursday, January 27, 2011

haiku retrospective xix

those who must stow thrones
shouldn't live in glass houses.
stowed thrones break the ice.

about those breeches --
what's that man got stowed in his?
a syntax checker?

breeches in the breach.
hang those breeches out to dry.
grammar's seeking bet.

never understood
the loincloth references.
primitive? that man?

yesterday morganne
wanted to make a loincloth.
(would i make this up?)

we got down the book
to look at tribal designs.
the simplest garment.

loincloths and bear grease?
i suggested morganne go
native with grass skirt.

wore plaited grass skirts for dress.
little mud for warmth.

radical mamas
those bare-breasted ohlones.
babies need not wait.

indian women
soon learned to cover their breasts.
catching Christian shame.

modern children find
appropriate climate garb,
run naked all day.

malcolm wears a belt
around his toddler belly.
and not a stitch more.

let's bring back grass skirts,
suitable for men, women.
let the kids run bare.

1 August 1997

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