Sunday, January 16, 2011

haiku retrospective viii

cement clouds pour rain
on kodiak, alaska
in seventy-nine.

black sky a castle --
turrets and crenellations.
edifice of rain.

the rain never stops.
black sky, black sea, black mountains
etched electric green.

rain flows through my hair.
rain murmurs in the spruces.
rain fills the muskegs.

rain clings to my hand,
follows me down the continent,
parts in seattle.

end of eighty-one,
i go north to meet the rain.
it follows me home.

flood of eighty-two,
the raucous redwood laughter
echoes weeks later.

storms rise in my veins,
gather on the horizon,
mass for invasion.

pace, irritable,
waiting, waiting, and waiting
for the storm to break.

the first sweet drops fall.
open my arms to the sky,
receive the blessing.

two point eight inches
of bliss fall on my mountain.
shining dance of life.

22 January 1997

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