Saturday, October 25, 2008

Blogging the Cunnilingus Deficit

Really, what more is there to say?

Okay, perhaps an explanation is in order.

My daughters and I were chatting about rock music lyrics, and how rare references to oral sex are, and how the vast majority of those are about oral sex on men.

This led me to observe that there's clearly a cunnilingus deficit in rock music, and that this probably reflects a cunnilingus deficit in our society at large.

One thing leads to another when you're up late on a Saturday night, and so Cunnilingus Deficit is clearly the right name for an up-and-coming new band.

We're looking forward to making up the Cunnilingus Deficit, and having Cunnilingus Deficit open for our other rock band, Tropical Afterglow.

This is probably the time to talk about three memes of my young adulthood, the LUST movement, the I Have Genitals marketing program, and Vegetarians for Oral Sex.

LUST members wore a button with the LUST logo on them. LUST stood for Lover Under Strenuous Training, and LUST members took their charge seriously.

The I Have Genitals movement was based on the realization that everyone does, indeed, have genitals and that no one talks about it. For this reason, we designed I Have Genitals t-shirts and red crotch patches to advertise our possession of genitals.

Vegetarians for Oral Sex, naturally, promoted the consumption of The Only Meat that's Fit to Eat. If VOS had been successful in its ends, there would not now be a cunnilingus deficit in our society.