Tuesday, January 18, 2011

haiku retrospective x

saturday morning
children fed, dressed, and happy.
time to start working.

open framemaker,
figure out what needs doing,
open documents.

my mouse pad's dirty;
better wash it, scrub and dry it.
pat with lint-free cloth.

return to my desk.
might as well clean mouse ball, too.
unscrew cap, ball drops.

there, they're all clean now.
eager to get back to work.
oh dear, my tea's cold.

must be breakfast time.
slippered feet pad to kitchen,
kettle, knife, plate, cup.

domain class creates.
fingers tap keys, eyebrows scowl,
text coalesces.

incoming mail dings,
check, see if it's important.
hmm. fascinating.

where was I again?
right here, all i need to do...
"mama, please watch me jump!"

get malcolm's balloon.
"heather, please check these schedules."
drag brain back to page.

skreek! balloon escapes.
sigh. maybe i'll take a break,
write haiku, sip tea.

15 February 1997

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