Saturday, January 15, 2011

haiku retrospective vii

dingy warm front sky.
teething toddler arches back.
digging fork abandoned.

mishy's castle runes --
enigmatic carved stones --
sagely keep silence.

last week's social feast
a smorgasboard of beliefs,
exotic thought-tastes.

unanswered questions.
mind's hamster wheel is churning,
circling round and round.

stillness at center,
the heart of life in turmoil.
balance in chaos.

shield left unfinished,
reminder of constant change --

hermit remembers
nose to grindstone, to grindstone.
silence ringing there.

voices fill the heart,
calls of beloved beings.
connection's richness.

the householder's path.
satori in attachment,
bliss incarnate.

19 January 1997

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