Thursday, January 13, 2011

haiku retrospective v

intrepid toddler
scaled the dining room chair heights
achieved table peak.

crossed the tablecloth
to the table's center where
an oil lamp waited.

slowly, carefully,
he slid the glass globe off, rolled
it across table.

it stopped on the brink.
then, calmly, he dismantled
the thin glass chimney.

set it down gently,
explored the mechanism
of open oil lamp.

scooted back and down
landed with feet on the chair
fussed for a parent.

daddy came in, saw
oil lamp taken apart, parts
whole and unbroken.

lifted the toddler.
"what a clever boy you are.
pretty careful, too."

took him out to tell
mama about his table
top wild adventures.

intrepid toddler
snuggles down for a quick nurse
eyes fall into sleep.

18 November 1996

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