Friday, January 14, 2011

haiku retrospective vi

the rains have returned.
a winter mist covers the
damp green salad world.

coastal rainforest.
the redwoods stretch their limbs to
embrace the gray sky.

distant ridges blur
to black-and-white woodblock prints,
chinese ink drawings.

poignant mystery.
the dark sky, pregnant with rain,
gives birth to the land.

rain beats the bright gold
from the limbs of the maples.
naked silver wands.

two bar creek rises.
children splash up the road to
hear the water roar.

small boy at glass door,
befuddled by pounding rain.
claps to rain's tattoo.

rain songs. "it's raining,
it's pouring. my love life is
boring me to tears" trill.

"stop singing, mama."
four year old hands cover ears,
"some hot chocolate, please."

measuring cocoa,
"prepare the storm to come for it
surely looks like rain."

sing in thunderstorm
atop mount whitney, lightning
strikes all around me.

'twas real unschooling.
those lessons packed a wallop.
survival matters.

20 November 1996

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