Monday, February 21, 2011

haiku retrospective xxxix

great day for the race
["what race?" "the human race." "oh."]
sunshine breezy green.

strange dreams tickled me.
twenty guys with coffee cups
pummeled my cervix.

long conversations
with the baby drifting in
and out of sleep.

threads of the night
weave themselves into the day.
the new day. today.

garry's birthday treat --
daughters present apollo,
kings, queens, and eros.

golden-masked morganne
swoops around in tie-dye and
winge'd golden cape.

crimson-coiffed matisse
parades in turquoise silk gown --
queen of the fairies.

sleepy-voiced alex
drinks limeade in the kitchen --
two monkeys chatter.

youngest son (right now)
measures his length on the bed.
plays hard and sleeps hard.

15 June 1999

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