Wednesday, February 23, 2011

haiku retrospective xliii

in yixing, china
unglazed zisha clay teapots
demand high prices.

hands grind zisha clay.
artisan hands shape teapots,
sign chop-marks on base.

tea connoisseurs, west,
sip yixing ceremony,
drink chinese virtue.

"those clay particles,"
they nod, knowingly, informed,
"superior brew."

no porcelain pot
creates a brew that is true,
only zisha clay.

skeptics scratch their chins,
sip their earthenware-brewed cup,
shrug tea-stained shoulders.

"this tastes pretty good,
never mind the porosity,
pour me one more cup."

skeptic i remain,
although yixing designs tug
at my esthetics.

5 October 1999

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