Wednesday, February 9, 2011

haiku retrospective xxvi

sun beats on shoulders.
feet cool on the mossy walk.
first touch of summer.

bare feet in the air.
bare legs crossed on the desktop.
two sweat-trickled thighs.

lazy frogs floating.
schooling fish lay motionless.
the flick of a fin.

lime popsicle drips.
an ice cream bar's chocolate droops.
the flick of a tongue.

swimsuits and towels
dangle in a straggling line.
breeze lifts the ruffles.

the evening breeze stirs.
sun drops behind still treetops.
mosquitoes awake.

three ripe avocadoes,
black beans, salsa, tortillas,
sun-warm tomatoes.

summer's dessicant kiss
touches lush rainforest lips.
frying pan sizzles.

17 June 1998

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