Monday, February 7, 2011

haiku retrospective xxiii

I cannot believe that I've retrospected through so many haiku and have yet to approach a “real” haiku.

This one, however, is one of my favourite pre-haiku haiku.

murmur of voices
above the cubicle walls.
muted gray fabric.

three fluorescent tubes
dissected by reflectors.
wavering light cubes.

tendril of ivy
reaches for metal bookshelf.
rattling air vents.

accordion file
with sagging pleats lies open.
empty mind listens.

surreptitious pen
invades the office building.
the working haiku.

open air staircase --
plastic-covered black pebbles
clash with living things.

filtered, recycled
air circles machines' breathing.
the cornered mouse waits.

strand of turquoise stones.
watch sweep hand moves silently.
far laughter echoes.

fortress walls in place,
this business venue asserts
earthly dominance.

2 December 1997

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