Thursday, February 17, 2011

haiku retrospective xxxiI

eavesdropping on a
merry-go-round round of talk,
great america.

“one of the nice things
about middle age is not
having to be cool.

“you can be yourself,
just like what you like instead
of the new cool thing.”

cast curls to the wind,
lean back, arrange skirt so it
flutters in the breeze.

mug for the mirror,
a clipper ship figurehead
with trailing drapery.

bicycling today,
exercise run up the road,
flying on my wheels.

“just like what you like”
made me realize that kid
bikes suited me well.

i don't much like speed
or fiddly gear-shifting clicks
or constant motion.

i like coasting free,
air-hands caressing my breasts,
the wind in my hair.

climbing slowly up,
using the smallest chainwheel
on my mountain bike.

flying down, but not
too fast, avoiding the sand traps,
skirting the potholes.

8 September 1998

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