Wednesday, February 23, 2011

haiku retrospective xlii

surf gods strum guitars
tawny-skinned goddesses dance --
young love in motion

predatory grace --
smooth skin slides over muscles.
young hips swing freely.

flicking hair backwards,
she giggles, running into
the bridgestone tire shop.

behind the counter,
the tire guy fakes nonchalance.
"i'll be off at eight."

swirl of young bodies,
shoehorned in a cheap sportscar,
roars off, pop blaring.

life is just on loan --
dance while the pulse within beats,
answer the drum call.

12 September 1999


Angelika Kolompar said...

I am so glad that you have published these haiku. I am really enjoying them.

I started to wite haiku in 2000 and there is such a difference from what i write these days. I am more more relxed for good or bad these days.

Best wishes,

Angelika Kolompar

Gabi Greve Japan said...

Oh dear, the good old haiku ...
or rather
what a haiku is NOT ...