Friday, June 29, 2007

Prometheus Strikes Again

After a month without a stove, the most miraculous thing happened. A large white object that has been sitting in the kitchen suddenly moved into the hole left by the old stove and started spouting flames. When you turn a little knob, there's a little click-click-click sound and then a ring of fire appears. These rings of fire are well-behaved and will tolerate having kettles and cooking pots placed over them, whereupon the contents get hot and there is great rejoicing.

One of these rings of fire is special. When you turn its knob, first a small ring of fire appears in the center, and then two more appear around the first. These three concentric rings of fire can produce a lot of heat or a very little. They look like they might be quite useful for sauteing, browning, and the making of pancakes.

We were in wonder at this miracle, and explored further. Beneath the rings of fire, there is a box with racks. This box can also become quite hot. We experimented by placing some pizza in the box, and it became beautifully hot and evenly bubbly without burning.

This morning, I summoned fire under one of the rings, placed the kettle on it, and produced enough hot water for a pot of tea and two cups of cocoa besides.

Malcolm calls this miraculous device "a working stove." I suppose that we shall all get over the wonder of its feats and likewise call it merely "stove." Or perhaps we shall call it by its proper name: Jenn-Air. But we shall likely not call it by its personal name: JGS9900BDF.

Driving to aerobics yesterday, I realized that I am embarking on a new relationship. I chose the previous stove in the flush of kitchen remodeling. I was young, I fell in love, and the
Thermador had everything I'd ever dreamed of in a stove. It cooked beautifully. Its burners could be adjusted with pinpoint accuracy. Its oven baked evenly. I came to know all its features and

This new stove I chose because we needed a 30" slide-in range with a downdraft. There wasn't a lot of choice, and so I didn't pay a lot of attention to available features. It's a stove-of-convenience.

Malcolm's new bed

Meanwhile, the new beds, lag bolts snugly wrenched into place, had been made up with the boys' chosen sheets and comforters.

Remus John's new bed

And the creativity room has now become the boys' bedroom.

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