Monday, June 25, 2007

Midsummer Night Boy

Remus John turned 8 last Thursday. To celebrate, he wanted to go swimming. We've been going to free swim right before his swimming lessons on Thursday, and that was enough celebration for him.

At the pool, he's always in motion, swimming from one side to the other, climbing out and diving back in.

He reminded everyone he met that is was the summer solstice in addition to being his birthday. He was a midsummer night baby, and he's grown into a midsummer night boy.

At home, this was what I had to bake a cake in:

We have two stoves sitting in the kitchen. After the new one arrived, we pulled the old one out of the stove spot. Unfortunately, the new stove arrived without the liquid propane conversion kit, so we have to wait for Maytag/Jennair to ship it to us before we can install it.

Two stoves in the kitchen, and we're still not cooking.

This led to the first-ever store-bought birthday cake for a Madrone child. We ordered a chocolate fudge cake from the local supermarket. Remus John was delighted with it and blew out the candles after a rousing chorus of John McCutcheon's birthday song:

It makes me think of the good old days.
Happy birthday to you!
You sure grew out of your baby ways.
Happy birthday to you!
8th birthday and we wish you many more.
Health and wealth and friends by the score.
Cut the cake and we'll have some more.
Happy birthday to you!

He did have a very happy birthday. He and Malcolm have simple expectations for birthdays and holidays. They seem happy with a cake and a few presents and a trip to the park or the beach or even their weekly swimming lessons.

And what did the solstice boy want for his birthday? New t-shirts. He also got some books, a watercolor painting kit, and a magic set, but he likes the t-shirts best of all.

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Pancake Goddess said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet swimmer! Jeremiah turned 10 today. My homebirthiversary. You were a soothing and sane voice for me during that pregnancy - thanks.