Wednesday, June 27, 2007

30 pounds

I'm celebrating having lost 30 pounds over the past 7 months.

Me, today, holding 2 15-pound weights

I read today that Michael Moore has also lost 30 pounds. More power to him. More power to me. He'll get down to where I started and I'll get down to where I want to be. There are many more pounds to go before we get there.

To give myself a better idea of how my body has changed, I've thought of those 30 pounds in a lot of different ways.

I like to visualize fat in terms of pounds of butter. Here's what 30 pounds of butter looks like on display in the refrigerator section of the grocery store:

32 pounds of butter

And here's another way to look at what I'm not lugging around any more:

30 pounds of potatoes

I'm not slowing myself down by toting the weight of 6 bags of flour all the time:

30 pounds of flour

And I'm not lugging around the weight in this much water:

30 pints of water

A pint is a pound the world around.

In order to lose these 30 pounds, I had to cut or burn 105,000 calories, which is about the number of calories in 62 pounds of sugar:

My calorie deficit, measured in sugar

When I first thought about doing this photo essay to celebrate my weight loss, I imagined that I would use things around the house to illustrate the surplus avoirdupois that I'd dropped. When I decided to use sugar to represent the calories I've burnt, however, I realized that I needed a different strategy.

Thanks to Ben Lomond Market for the foods used in these shots. A couple of employees looked at me twice when they saw me arranging the stock and photographing it, but no one said anything.


Tersie said...

I came here from Traineo. I just wanted to leave a message and tell you how great your photo representation of 30 pounds was! I was wondering if you'd get funny looks by taking the photos in the store. How funny! I've also lost 30 pounds, but in a bit longer time frame. I started last July. I've faltered a little bit over the past several months - lots of personal issues that I'll spare the details for you (ha). But I'm back at it again. I've got a long way to go to reach my goal. But with great inspiration like this, how can I go wrong?? :)

TraderZed said...

Wow, what a great post! You never realize exactly how much extra you're carrying around with you until you do something like this and actually visualize it. Excellent work!

VeganWitch said...

You go, girl! :)
I'm also a poster from Traineo, and I want to say Wow, you are inspiring!!

mattr said...

Big props to you for losing 30 pounds! I'm just 5 weeks into my quest (also on Traineo) to lose weight and have lost 13 pounds so far...

I kinow how proud i am, so you must be feeling the same way.

Great way to represent the weight lost - I'll keep watching!