Friday, June 29, 2007

Hard Hat Zone

On Wednesday, I completely cleared and cleaned the creativity room. The boys' new beds were going to be delivered on Thursday. I also re-sealed the hardwood floor in that room so that it would all be shiny new for the boys.

While we were waiting for the delivery, we went about our normal activities. The children did their schoolwork and piano practice.

Malcolm with his weapons of math instruction

Remus John has become very interested in answering the telephone. He's been practicing his telephone etiquette so that we'll let him answer the real phone.

Yup, this is the Cowboy Diner

After the beds arrived, Matisse and I joined forces to put them together. They're held together with 16 four-inch lag bolts. One of us held the rails while the other one wielded the wrench.

Construction worker Matisse

The two stoves were still hanging out in the kitchen. The new stove was to be installed on Thursday afternoon. In the background, you can see all the stuff needed to put the beds together.

The construction zone

Meanwhile, there were still about 10 more lag bolts to go.


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