Sunday, July 8, 2007

Nevada Trek

July 4th was blazing hot. Garry, the boys, and I spent the afternoon at the swimming pool. Malcolm spent most of the afternoon jumping off the diving board. He learned how to do cannon balls and enjoyed making huge splashes. Remus John tried to pluck up his courage to try the diving board, but he didn't quite manage it. He did jump off the side of the pool in the 9' area at lot, though.

Early Thursday morning, Remus John, Garry, and Sombrito set off for Garry's father's land in Nevada. They were clearing out an old storage trailer and getting the land ready to sell.

Sombrito spent his time at his old home romping with neighbor dogs and lying in the dust.

Remus John took some time out from the clean up chores to tour a mine and climb a juniper.

Garry packed up the stuff he wanted in a U-haul trailer and drove it home in one long, slow day.

Remus John's favorite thing in Nevada was the alligator lizard he befriended.

We didn't expect Garry and Remus John until tomorrow night. Last night at 11:30, Matisse came in and said, "Either I'm going crazy or I just heard Remus John's voice outside."

The security light went on then and we heard footsteps on the stairs to the front door. A dusty man, a very dirty boy, and a dog who looked like he'd been taking dust baths came in the door.

I got Remus John sponged off and into his pajamas, whereupon he climbed into bed with Malcolm so they could read and talk together.

There's no place like home.

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