Sunday, July 22, 2012

haiku retrospective cd

Hello anyone who has followed this blog this far.

Today is the 400th post in the haiku retrospective series that I started in January 2011 and expected to last for a few months.

Obviously, I have written a lot more haiku than I believed I had.

It seems fitting to mark this occasion with a time when I did Tim Russell's haiku exercise. You put a short seasonal reference in line 1, and then jot down a series of observations to serve as line 2. Repeat until you have 10 haiku.

Put the haiku in a drawer and do the exercise again tomorrow.

march flies
the knot hole
in the stair rail

march flies
an empty circle of chairs
on the porch

march flies
a cello sonata drifts
through the dusk

march flies
the repeated thud
of an axe

march flies
a trail of golden sap
on the tree trunk

march flies
the rustle of a Stellar's jay
in the live oak

march flies
spanish moss hangs
from the tree limbs

march flies
the young tanoak
so still

march flies
the scolding of the jays
across the canyon

march flies
the soft heads
of last year's velvet grass

march flies
jesse comes up the trail
with a sledgehammer

17 March 2007

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