Thursday, July 19, 2012

haiku retrospective cccxcvii

black ice --
the oncology report
in dad's hands

black ice --
dad's lymphocyte count
in stark blue ink

black ice --
dad's blood test results
on the passenger seat

black ice --
mom takes dad's test results
with trembling hands

black ice --
dad's voice wavers as he tells me
he's dying

“Black ice” is a good strong image that resonates deeply for me right now.

I've struggled at times with wanting to get medical terminology into haiku but finding the words too long to fit. Sometimes it feels appropriate to stretch the form a bit to get the exact word in. Words like “oncology report” or “carcinoma” have a lot of emotional resonance, and lesser words sometimes won't carry that freight.

winter sea --
my dad tells me he feels great peace
during radiation

23 January 2007

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