Thursday, July 21, 2011

haiku retrospective clxxxi

New Year's at the Madrones'

brisk breeze
the coals in the fireplace

new year's eve
the death of rats'
black cloak

by Iris Matisse Madrone, age 9

new year's bubbly
a mixing bowl full
of dish soap

Garry Madrone, age 50

drawing a 4-leaf clover
my pen breaks
year of the horse

double luck
i cut a 4-leaf-clover
out of red paper

Morgayn Madrone, age 13

my name
the new year

Merlin Madrone, age 2

new year's eve
i make a maze
out of mega mags

Malcolm Madrone, age 6

11 pm
waiting for the earth to spin us
into the new year

Heather Madrone, age 40

31 January 2001

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