Saturday, May 21, 2011

haiku retrospective cxxxvii

old pickup truck ~
the woodcutter shaves
in his rear-view mirror

Up here, there are a lot of woodcutters. They often park their loaded
trucks downtown with signs that say things like "Oak $220 a cord."

This fellow looks dapper and fairly prosperous. He's around 50. His
truck has definitely seen better days. He likes to park right outside
the health food store. I've seen his truck
there a lot.

I don't think he lives in his truck (although I could be wrong). I think
he was just sprucing up for a Friday night date while waiting to see if
he had any customers during the evening grocery rush.

Another strange thing was that he had a short, cropped beard. He was
using his razor to trim around the beard. Like I said, he was dapper.

On the way home from watching the woodcutter shave, I saw the emergency
strobe in my rear-view mirror, so I had two rear-view mirror haiku out of
one trip to town.

26 January 2001

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