Wednesday, May 18, 2011

haiku retrospective cxxx

bearded iris ~
the hues of the iguana's skin
in sunlight

I recently saw an iguana in the sunlight. The colors of the
iguana's skin were so delicate, so flowery. At the same time,
iguanas are somewhat grotesque.

I'm juxtaposing the iris to the iguana here because the iguana's
coloring and skin texture reminds me of a bearded iris. Also,
it brings out the flowery beauty in the iguana's skin. Bearded
irises also have grotesque little frills that recall the reptile's

rosebud on the vine ~
the new baby suckles
at his mother's breast

Rosebuds and babies are hackneyed, of course. That new baby's
rosebud lips, rose petal soft skin, sweet scent. I wanted to
highlight the baby's continued connection to the mother ("on
the vine") here.

funeral flowers ~
the refrigerated body
in the coffin

Line 1 was originally "orchid corsage." I wanted to show the
connection between the boxed, dead, prettified flower and the
boxed, dead, prettified body. Other possibilities for line 1:
orchid spray, lily spray, orchid wreath, lily pillow, etc.

I have this feeling that, with the right tweaks, this could
be powerful.

orchid spray ~
the refrigerated body
wears a smile

24 October 2000

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