Thursday, December 23, 2010

Garry and I were shopping in downtown Santa Cruz today. I was feeling Christmassy, so I put on a green mini-dress, red tights, and some long black socks with cherries on them. Also a red-and-blue scarf, green jingle bell earrings, and a red coat with a hood.

So we shopped for a while and then split up to do some private shopping. As I was coming back to meet Garry, a scruffy bearded guy stopped me to tell me I'd won the Best-Dressed Award, and he really digs leg warmers.

Only in Santa Cruz can a woman win a best-dressed award from a homeless guy.

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Anonymous said...

Good for you! It looks like (in the background) that your tree is half-decorated with ornaments- the top- or maybe you have a cat that likes to go after the ones on the lower branches? :-) I still put all the soft, fabric ones on the lower branches, a habit from when the boys were wee.
love you,