Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the candy diet

I was resigned to either staying the same over the holidaze or even gaining a few pounds. I've kind of been watching my calories, but also nibbling frequently on fudge, sesame snaps, and pine nut brittle.

So it's been amusing/the flip side of frustrating to watch the scale in the mornings and watch the pounds peel off. About 4 of them in the past 10 days. The only time I've lost weight faster is when I've been seriously ill.

It must be the candy. :)

Seriously, though, maybe it is the candy. A serving of hard candy probably has fewer calories than cookies or bread, with a satisfyingly sweet taste that doesn't leave me craving more. Unlike, say, french fries, which keep poking me until I eat another one.

In all honesty, it might simply be that I've been running at top speed most of these ten days. Perhaps I've been burning more calories than usual and perhaps I've simply been too busy to eat.

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