Thursday, July 6, 2017

Beach Party

Beach party
You and your friends
Head out to the beach
Saturday evening 
Tired of working
Following rules
Squeezing yourself small

You bring everything you need for a party
Lugging all that beer
Hotdogs buns candy munchies
Your cigarettes and lighters 
Rolling paper pot

You find a beautiful clean spot 
Make camp
Roast hot dogs
Get a beer buzz on
Smoke a cigarette to the sunset
Roll a joint and get high as the stars 

Party til you're exhausted 
Not really noticing 
The dropped beer bottles
Cigarette butts 
Pack of hot dogs
Candy wrappers
A single roach

You go home happy
And the next day
A bunch of people 
Take their Sunday meditation 
At the beach
With buckets and gloves 
Garbage bags
Cleaning up the place

For the next party

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