Thursday, February 27, 2014


back when thongs
were something you wore on your feet

shower shoes
sand shoes

and they were made out of cheap foam rubber

and the strap that went
between your toes
rubbed a blister
each summer until you got used to them

and the beds of the flipflops
indented in the shape of your dirty feet

and you wore them until you got to the beach
when you kicked them high into the air
caught them in free fall
and burnt the bottoms of your feet on the sand

and when you put them on after swimming
they went squidge squidge squidge
as you walked

and when you ran
they clacked smartly against your heel
with each stride

and as the summer wore on
cracks appeared by the button that held the toe strap to the sole
and the toe strap would pop out
and you'd stand there on one foot
while you carefully worked the button back into the hole

and eventually
the toe strap would rip free spectacularly
and you would have to walk home slowly
on the hot sharp gravel road
carrying the flipflop in your hand

and your mother would say
it's almost the end of summer
and your feet are nice and tough now anyway

and you would have the choice
of going barefoot on the sharp gravel
or taking the time
to put on your sneakers

20 June 2013

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