Thursday, March 24, 2011

haiku retrospective lxxxvi

These haiku were written as commentary on social situations arising among haijin (haiku poets) themselves. Haiku has a long (although perhaps not proud) tradition of using haiku to make social points. Reading this type of haiku is like hearing one sentence in a heated argument.

“Whoa, Basho sure had his knickers in a knot about something.”

These haiku are long beyond their pull date, but this retrospective is lining them up anyway.

probing tongue
in the folds of a peach pit ~
juicy discovery

3 April 2000

hairy crab oolong ~
my breath ripples the liquid
in the tilted cup

4 April 2000

an ass brays in the street ~
the brush in his hand
finishes the stroke

5 April 2000

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