Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Winter Sunshine

A single moment that has brightened what has otherwise been a pretty bleak winter:

Getting ready to go to the hospital one morning, I happened to notice my parents' valentines to one another on their entry hall table. I picked up the pink confectionary cards and read the short, loving notes on them. Placing them back carefully, I am reminded of how my parents' love and devotion for one another is a warm fire at the heart of my father's struggle with cancer. The naked heart of love is everywhere apparent in their lives.

Living in the Santa Cruz mountains, I often receive gifts of sudden beauty:

  • Rounding the bend in the road to see the mountain in the evening light.

  • Seeing the sun flash out behind a cloud to illuminate the white crown of a sycamore.

  • The trees opening to reveal a sky full of crystalline winter stars.

  • The scent of first violets in the bouquet presented to me by my son.

  • The redwoods' branches tossing merrily in the breeze.

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