Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Hand-Knit Poodle

Yesterday, someone celebrated being on the planet for 12 years:

In his own quiet style, he decided to commemorate his day.

By taking the dog to the park.

He graciously agreed to sit on my lap just like he used to do 12 years ago.

His siblings all enjoyed the beautiful day, too.

As did the dog.

I knitted him a poodle for his birthday, by his own special request.

Some of us spent our time just hanging around.

And some of us grinned like boolies.

Some of us raced with the dog.

And some of us preferred a bird's eye view.

And one of us climbed in his space ship and visited distant planets.

1 comment:

Morgayn Madrone said...

That last isn't fair, Mum. It wasn't even taken on the same day as the rest.